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Arrow Material Handling is proud to introduce two additions to their growing product line.

NEW Feature-rich Sweeper Broom
The Arrow Sweeper Broom is a debris removal solution for streets, roads, highways, parking lots and more. The thoughtful design and construction provides a superior product that can withstand heavy duty use without breaking the bank. “Our customers’ primary concern investing in broom attachments is product down time – nobody can afford time consuming and costly repairs and maintenance. So when engineering a sweeper broom we knew we had to solve the sustainability issue while still providing an effective and affordable solution.” said Terry Melvin, CEO, Arrow Material Handling.

Positioning a gear driven motor on the outside of the broom eliminates the chain and stays together. Using a replaceable cutting edge on the bucket allows for quick replacement. The corrosion resistant aluminum shaft doesn’t rust, and two replaceable bristle options can be adjusted reducing wear. These features define the Arrow MHP Sweeper Broom as an effective and sustainable solution.

“We’re really pleased with this sweeper broom from Arrow. They really addressed a lot of the issues we care about when investing in a durable and effective solution for our customers.” claimed customer, title, business.

The Arrow Sweeper Broom is a smart investment that provides rental companies and end users a cost-effective way to clear debris from job sites ensuring customer satisfaction.

NEW Trash Hopper
The Arrow MHP Trash Hopper is an extra heavy duty 6000 lb. capacity fork mounted waste disposal solution for warehouses and large job sites. Its fully welded stackable design comes in a variety of sizes and features a trip rope, safety latch and chain.