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This is problem solved. This is a tree planted, a fence risen, a post, well… posted. This Arrow Auger Drive is work, done.

Introducing the latest attachment to join Arrow Material Handling Products’ growing line of premium products, the Arrow Auger Drive and Bits.

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The Arrow Auger Drive is a tool designed to be as versatile as it is sustainable. The Arrow Drive utilizes a sealed planetary gearbox and a single piece shaft assembly, this drive makes sure the concrete, dust, dirt, and grime stay out, therefore increasing the lifespan of the motor. Adding to its durability, all Arrow bits utilize fully welded flighting for increased strength, and are matched with interchangeable bit teeth. Arrow’s heavy duty teeth are ideal for most soil conditions. However, tungsten teeth are also available for more difficult ground types like clay, compacted soil, and frozen ground. Rock teeth are also available when tackling the hardest surfaces.

“When developing the Arrow Auger, we really put a lot of time and energy into making sure this wasn’t just a one job tool. It had to provide versatility to provide return on the investment our customers make in our products. I believe we did that.” said Terry Melvin, Arrow Material Handling Products CEO.

The drive is engineered to work with wide variety of bits, as well as other drive attachable tools like the Arrow Stump Planer. This versatility expands the reach of jobs the Arrow Auger is capable of performing. The applications for the Arrow drive include but are not limited to planting trees, shrubs, and other vegetation, post digging, fence installation, and stump removal. “We have had a lot of success with the drives and bits. They seem more heavy duty compared to others we have bought. Arrow will continue be our go to for Auger drives and bits.” said Lucas Roach, United Rentals, Brenham, TX.

When it comes to mounting, Arrow Material Handling Products lead the industry in their ability to fit almost any earth moving machine and the Arrow Auger is no different. Drives and bits are available in the standard round pin on mount of the past, as well as the more modern hex mount. Arrow also carries adapters making sure the bit will always fit. The drives come standard with a universal quick-attach designed for easy access. However, Arrow also provides other machine mounting options if needed. After the drive is mounted operation is ideal as the drive is both low flow and high flow capable. Drives are made in multiple systems to work with skid steers, telehandlers, backhoes, and excavators.

The Arrow Stump Planer is also available and can be mounted directly to the auger drive. This planer is capable of removing even the largest stumps right from the seat of a skid steer, telehandler or other machine.