• Launched  innovative new design of OEM Fork Positioning Frames
  • Sales Team continues adding BDMs for Key Account / OEM penetration
  • Sidney introduces Manual-Tilt Tree Saw, Tractor Tree Saw and Mulching Head
  • Company launches all new YTM Fork Shield
  • OE Attachments launched Fork Wear Indicator ™ & Forklift Safety Device ™
  • Budget A&P launches new website with integrated e-commerce capability
  • Increased Sales Focus and Inventory in Canada as business  expands
  • Key Account teams increased presence at customer management level
  • ITA Fork Wear Indicators available across North America in early June


  • Marketing Team grows with development of new initiatives, processes & Trade Show presence
  • Sales Teams added Sales, Key Account & Business Development Reps
  • Brian Pokorny replaces Larry Hayes as COO
  • Patents filed for innovative Forklift and Moving Vehicle Safety Device
  • Arrow Material Handling introduces innovative Stump Planer, new Auger Drive attachments
  • Additional CNC added to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Sidney introduced an updated Tree Saw & Long-Reach Tree Shear
  • Additional new CNC added to manufacturing asset pool to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Launched OE Attachments as a new Business Unit
  • Attachments grow at 2x the overall business pace
  • Continued organic growth with New Products, Components & Service Parts
  • Continuous improvement in Throughput, Cleanliness, Safety & Performance


  • Management System for all companies certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Experienced sales professional, Scott Clevenger, joins as Vice President of Sales
  • Marketing executive, Liz Benditt, joins as Vice President of Marketing and Communications
  • Sales teams grow across all businesses
  • Line of product displays are developed for increased dealer support
  • Arrow Material Handling introduces new products including Auger Drives and Bits, Trash Hoppers, Trash Skips, Storage Racks, etc.


  • An increase in OEM interest leads to development of new business line, OE Attachments
  • Veteran Chief Financial Officer, Tim Kane, joins to support growing company
  • USPTO approves seven patents designed to improve product lifespan and safety
  • Growing market interest leads to development and implementation of Key Accounts Program
  • Arrow Material Handling Product catalog expands with addition of several new products


  • Arrow Material Handling Products celebrates 45 Year Anniversary
  • Acquisition profile broadens with purchase of long time industry leader, CTI Attachments
  • New line of Side Shifters adds to a growing product catalog
  • Large Fork offerings expand greatly, allowing for growth into underserved industries
  • Two new CNC machines are installed increasing production & improving efficiency


  • Industry veteran, Larry Hayes, joins as Chief Operating Officer
  • Production sees increase in efficiency with implementation of Lean Manufacturing processes
  • Production capabilities expand with the addition of a new powder coating facility
  • Modern OXY table, gantry cranes and additional mill are installed to improve manufacturing


  • Group of private equity firms acquires Arrow from Chicago based Gaslight Equity Group LLC
  • Successful entrepreneur, Terry Melvin, is appointed as Chief Executive Officer
  • Long time engineer, Ross Gault, is promoted to Chief Technology Officer
  • New 178,000 square foot facility and headquarters opens in Lenexa, Kansas