10 Unusual Things It Took A Forklift To Move

1. This 7 Foot Pizza

This seven foot pizza claimed victory for old-school Orange County chefs in a
gargantuan pizza showdown against their younger counterparts. A forklift was used for transportation of this massive pie. FTP forks are of course our standard
recommendation for transporting oversized pizzas.

2. The World's Largest Surfboard

On international surfing day in 2015 a telehandler was called on for a rather unusual job: Transport the world’s longest surfboard in Huntington Beach, California. The 42 foot long board was tied to a telehandler using pallet forks with ratchet straps. A better attachment would have been the world’s largest fork spreader.

3. The LegoLand 500,000 Lego Death Star

Standing 13 feet tall and 8 feet wide is the largest Lego Star Wars Death Star model
ever built! It took a very careful forklift driver to precisely position this mass of 500,000 Legos at its LegoLand exhibit. The forklift drivers eventually caved in and used forklift forks after it was concluded none of the staff had the ability to use “the force.”

4. This Supersized Squash

This supersized 300 pound vegetable sure did squash some records. However, that’s
all it squashed as it was expertly transported with the help of a forklift. We checked with our sales team and verified a variety of buckets we’d recommend for transporting oversized produce.

5. An 800 Pound Alligator

This 800 pound alligator decided to take a trip to the local hardware supply store in
Sugar Land, Texas. Unfortunately, without shoes or a shirt he was refused service and
therefore carried away on a set of FTP forks . We make a great set of FTP forks to carry away alligators, crocodiles, iguanas, and any other enormous reptile that needs to be removed from your place of business.

6. A 241 Pound Watermelon

Wow! How long does it take to grow a 241 pound hulk of a watermelon you ask? 88
days, that’s right just 88 days and you could have your own gigantic watermelon. You know what takes less than 88 days? The turnaround time on a sweet skid steer bucket to carry around your new melon.

7. This 1956 IBM Hard Drive

This 1950’s hard drive held just five megabytes of data. That’s just about enough memory to hold five sweet pics of you standing next to your brand new set of forklift forks . No joke, the inflation adjusted monthly rental cost for this machine was $28,000! Speaking of forklift forks , that’s just what it took to hoist this hard drive into a plane. Have your own giant hunk of outdated technology? We have attachments that specialize in removing giant hard drives, tube TVs, big boxes of eight track cartridges, and more.

8. This 655 Pound Sea Turtle

It took a set of pallet forks to rescue this box turtle. Now you might say, “That’s a 655 pound Sea Turtle, not a box turtle.” And you’d be right, unless you had a box big enough to fit it in. Say, one of Arrows brand new fork mounted trash hoppers !

9. This 254 Pound Meatball

The real story here isn’t that this 254 pound World Record setting meatball took a forklift to transport. The real story is that this wasn’t the first record holder. There was a previous record holder, and possibly another before that. You know what that means? There’s money to be made in the world’s largest meatball transportation business. Good news! We sell a great set of bale spears perfect to transport large balls of meat.

10. The Rock

Here’s a weird story. During the Halftime show of Super Bowl XXXIII the WWE
broadcasted its championship match between wrestlers Mankind, and The Rock.
Mankind ended up winning that match by pinning The Rock under a set of forklift forks . We absolutely positively do not support this, however we do sell a strong sturdy set of forks!