Arrow Acquisition, LLC Achieves First Time ISO 9001:2015 Registration

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Today the employees of Arrow Acquisition, LLC enjoyed the sweet taste of success when they gathered together for a BBQ lunch to celebrate the company's Lenexa manufacturing and distribution center location receiving ISO 9001:2015 registration for their newly developed and implemented Quality Management System (QMS).

"The entire team worked diligently to develop the processes required to not only comply with the requirements of the standard but to also strengthen our internal quality processes," said Larry Hayes, Chief Operating Officer. "We began the journey for ISO 9001:2015 registration with the simple goal of wanting to delight our customers. All functions in the organization participated and supported the development of the systems from the point of first customer contact, through design and development, manufacturing, shipping and after sales service and support. The ultimate goal for our team is to continually improve our operations and service to our customers, both internal and external."

Clyde Pearch, a highly experienced management system consultant who founded Eagle Group USA over 22 years ago, coached Arrow's leadership and employee teams through the newly updated ISO 9001:2015 requirements, helping them assess the company's key processes, identify operational & business risks, areas for opportunity & improvement, capture institutional knowledge and visualize how to translate all of this information into a set of written best practices that form a solid operational foundation that the company will use to springboard new growth, while keeping us focused on enhancing our customer's satisfaction.

SAI Global, a leading global management systems Certification Body, was chosen as the third-party independent registration provider. After a thorough on-site check of Arrow's QMS processes to ensure compliance with the requirements of the newly released ISO 9001:2015, SAI Global issued Arrow a certificate of registration including the scope of new product design & development, overall manufacturing, distribution and service processes for forks, attachments and accessories for material handling vehicles.

Terry Melvin, Arrow Acquisition CEO, showed sincere appreciation and gratitude for the hard work and dedication shown by the entire company as he addressed the tent full of people. "Arrow started our journey toward ISO 9001 Certification in an effort to raise the bar, change the culture and maintain product offerings that measurably exceed expectations set forth by our customers and markets we participate in, and to meet the requirements of other applicable standards. Having achieved the newest ISO 9001:2015 version helps ensure product and process reliability, consistency and repeatability with lower costs being applied to items customers rely on us for every day. We are excited about achieving this milestone and have become a stronger company as a result of our employee efforts to make this goal a reality."